Vacature detail Sr Manager Talent Resourcing

Locatie: Utrecht
Ervaring: Management
Vakgebied: Corporate Staff
Dienstverband: Fulltime
Sluitingsdatum: Doorlopend

VodafoneZiggo connects roughly 9.5 million private and business customers. To make this happen, we rely on a combination of innovative tooling and a staff of over 7.500 client-driven professionals. People from very different backgrounds, because VodafoneZiggo is comprised of equal parts Vodafone and Ziggo. Despite our divergent roots, we have a shared ambition: to facilitate connections. In this role, you’ll contribute towards our company mission to bring enjoyment and progress with every connection.

How? By attracting the right talent – people who unknowingly carry our distinctive DNA. This isn’t an easy feat, as that talent includes hard-to-target demographics, such as the best and brightest digital natives, and customer support personnel with ‘customer centric’ tattooed across their backs. Don’t let a good challenge deter you; we consider talent acquisition a strategic asset and have the focus and budget to match...

As our Manager Talent Resourcing
You’ll innovate, rationalize and streamline talent acquisition, which will inevitably include advocating new ways of working and thinking. In essence, you’ll lift VodafoneZiggo into employer of choice territory for key target groups, such as tech talent and customer support staff. In order to meet and exceed ambitious recruiting KPIs, you’ll coach, inspire and develop your own team of 20 employees. Although the department is fully functional as is, you can increase its efficiency by (further) harmonizing recruitment procedures, reducing lead times, and anchoring best practices.

An ability to exterminate operational bottlenecks is just one of your many talents. To fully deliver upon your promise, you’ll also display a confident entrepreneurial spirit, since it’s up to you to take recruitment to the next level(s).  E.g. with exciting pilots and initiatives, which include pre-onboarding and assessment tools, social media recruitment, referral programs, data-driven decision making based on self-learning algorithms, et cetera. What works? What could (and should) work better? What will never work? And what will definitely enrich the candidate experience, but hasn’t been implemented yet? If you think we can leverage IoT or AI to identify and attract the brightest minds, by all means devise a pilot, expand on it if it works or take the loss (and the learnings!), and go back to the drawing board. In short, together with your team, you’ll truly revolutionize our employer branding, recruitment and candidate journey strategies, so VodafoneZiggo can claim a top of mind position. But do bear in mind you’re playing the long game here. In a complex organization. So aligning stakeholders is another of your talents.  

In summing up, you

  • Envision, advocate and execute the overall recruitment and employer branding strategy
  • Manage the recruiting department, and empower a team of 20 colleagues
  • Harmonize recruitment procedures, reducing lead times, and anchoring best practices
  • Optimize and innovate an infinitely scalable candidate journey experience
  • Foster commitment to your approach, backed by solid results (KPIs, NPS)

What you bring to the table
A solid recruitment managerial track record. The strong sense of ownership that is required to successfully manage a budget of up to 3 million euros. In-depth knowledge of omnichannel recruitment best practices. And experience in devising strategies to attract exceptional talent in shallow recruitment pools, such as digital and BI. It is imperative you feel comfortable in stakeholder-heavy work environments, so corporate experience is a major asset. That goes for a background at tech firms as well. If you happen to have both, that might just seal the deal.

Your key assets

  • Master’s degree, 10+ years of HR/recruiting/employer branding experience
  • 5+ years of management experience in complex work environments
  • Change management skills, a gift for setting and keeping ideas and people in motion
  • Analytical and conceptual thinker, supplemented by proven people management skills
  • Knowledge of design thinking principles would be very welcome

About this position
If we had to rank jobs on stakeholder-heaviness, this position would make the top of our list. After all; hiring managers will know where to find you. Not only when things go right, but when they go pear shaped, too. Something you’ll have to be ready to deal with. Other counterparts include managers from our parent companies, Brand Communications, Internal Communications, HR and marketing departments. You will coach a team of 20 recruiters and report to Jet Bolder, HR Director People Experience.

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It is NOT to be used for purposes of acquisition.


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