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Vacature OSS&T Solution Engineer

Locatie: Maastricht
Ervaring: Professional
Vakgebied: Technology
Dienstverband: Fulltime
Sluitingsdatum: Mar 6, 2021
Basissalaris: €2.780 - €3.970

This is what you do

In the role as Solution Engineer, you will be part of this team, responsible to design, engineer and develop the solutions assigned. You will actively listen to needs of stakeholders and be all set to exceed expectations. You will take ownership and to understand the OSSA&T architecture and use it as guidance to develop solutions assigned.

You will support the OSSA&T Demand & Design Authority by delivering technical expertise of your solution and stimulate the OSSA&T team to be at the top edge of Innovation and Stakeholder satisfaction.

Your function will make you key part of the road from COTS solutions to more self-development. Additionally you will manage the Radio Planning solution enabling Radio Access Team to deliver optimal coverage to our consumers.

Last but now least, you get the opportunity to create and maintain a culture of innovation, efficiency, value and knowledge management in OSSA&T and to challenge and support the OSSA&T team members to find optimal cross-domain solutions to satisfy all our stakeholders in the most optimal way.

This is how you do it

The Solution Owners key responsibilities are:

  • Support the team members to find optimal cross-domain solutions
  • Create and maintain a culture of innovation, efficiency, value and knowledge management
  • Listen to needs of stakeholders and be all set to meet expectations by sharing observation with the team
  • Be a role model by living the VodafoneZiggo culture and values
  • Contribute to the team success and seek the top edge of innovation and stakeholder satisfaction
  • Understand the architecture and use it as guidance to develop solutions assigned
  • Understand team internal and team surrounding processes for optimal cooperation
  • Take ownership of the solutions assigned
  • Support the Demand & Design Authority delivering technical expertise of solutions assigned
  • Design, engineer and develop the solutions assigned

You strengthen

Together with your colleagues of OSS Assurance & Tooling (hereafter OSSA&T) you deliver and maintain innovative, reliable and cost efficient tooling solutions, providing your stakeholders a reliable tooling suite and allow them to quickly identify and solve Network & IT disturbances.

The Operational Support System Assurance & Tooling (OSSA&T) team being responsible for the architecture, engineering and deployment of all VF-NL Commercial Of-The-Shelf (COTS), Open Source and in house developed tooling. OSSA&T is a very lean and mean team, consisting of 29 colleagues that deliver and maintain innovative, reliable and cost efficient solutions, providing our stakeholders a trusted tooling suite. We allow our stakeholders to quickly identify and solve Network and IT disturbances and provide accurate Service Insights with respect to Customer Experience.

Who we are

VodafoneZiggo is the result of two strong Dutch companies joining forces. Since January 2017 we have formed a powerful combination in the Netherlands. As a communication provider, we offer our clients the best in entertainment, mobile telephony, fixed-line telephony, and internet. Our products and services inspire people, companies and society to come into contact with each other–whether they are on the road, at home or in the workplace.

With over 12,000 employees, we are an ambitious, dynamic, and socially committed enterprise. Proud of our achievements and of the people we work with, we offer all our staff abundant opportunity for personal development.

You’ve got what it takes

  • HBO level of Technical education or level by experience
  • Experience of writing and reviewing technical design documentation
  • 5 years’ experience is software development (C++, C#, Python, PowerShell, scripting, Angular, …)
  • Good database knowledge
  • Good Operating System knowledge (Windows, Unix, Linux)
  • Application installation / updating / performance tests / bug reporting to vendor
  • Good awareness of wider technology aspects in telecommunications and ICT
  • Basic Radio Knowledge about cellular/mobile network, radio propagation, antenna equipment is an advantage
  • Complexity is what makes you thrill
  • Working with SCRUM and other Agile methodologies
  • Commitment to deliver best experience to solution users
  • Knowledge of IT Life Cycle management
  • Ability to adapt and live in a continuously changing environment to deliver results during change
  • Ability to switch from analysis to action
  • Inter-functional relationships

Enjoy the benefits

Based on a 40-hour working week at VodafoneZiggo, you can count on:

  • A gross salary between €2.780 and €3.970 per month, plenty of growth potential and an attractive bonus plan to boot
  • 20 days of paid leave
  • A monthly Benefit Budget of 14.95% of your gross salary. To use as you see fit! Put money aside for an adventurous (or super leisurely) holiday? Save up for a sabbatical? Take a few extra days off? Or simply spend the extra cash on whatever you fancy? It is up to you!
  • Unlimited Learning! Take an online programming course and discover the developer in yourself. Team up with colleagues for Spanish classes. The VodafoneZiggo menu has thousands of educational choices – an all you can learn experience!
  • A voucher for a smartphone, and a Vodafone subscription to go with it. And yes, you can use it for personal calls as well.
  • Discounts on Vodafone and Ziggo products and services
  • A worry-free pension plan that also allows you to save extra
  • An NS-Business Card tailored to your personal travel habits. Including a 1st class option, that you can even use for personal trips
  • The option to work part-time
  • Flexibility: work where and when you perform your best
  • We value social impact. You can participate in social initiatives during work hours and increase your positive contribution. An example? By joining our Online Masters program, you can teach children how to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly.
  • Setbacks in your personal life? We offer excellent (financial) arrangements to minimize the impact of adversity. For example when you are unable to work.
  • Substantial discounts on health insurance, sports memberships, day care and (much) more

You do it

Are you in? Now click on the application button and reply.

Any questions? Just call our recruiter Alexander Wich at +316 2492 7067 or email at

This job vacancy is part of our search for a new VodafoneZiggo colleague. It is NOT to be used for purposes of acquisition.


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