Vacature Chapter Lead Release management

Locatie: Utrecht
Ervaring: Professional
Vakgebied: Customer Experience & Digital
Dienstverband: Fulltime
Sluitingsdatum: Doorlopend

The Chapter Lead Release Management is a functional expert who is responsible for managing the performance and development of the members belonging to the Chapter.

You operate on different levels within the Digital Tribe. You coordinate Releases for the Digital Tribe within Digital and with the stakeholders outside the tribe and are responsible with your team, you set quality standards for releases.

Release management is to consider a variety of processes toward disciplined devops and governance. i.e.

  • Plan IT release schedule. 
  • Schedule solution release to avoid conflicts across squads and releases.
  • Manage infrastructure configuration in close alignment with operations.
  • Determine production readiness. 
  • Support delivery teams. 
  • Govern releases for streamlined delivery.

Next to your role as Chapter Lead, you take on the task as Release Manager for your Cluster and fulfill the role of Scrum Master for your squad.You coordinate knowledge sharing and improves interactions between roles within its own Chapter, across Squads within the Tribe and also across Tribes respectively. 
You are owning, leading, and driving the Release Managers sitting across the Squads. 

As the most senior professional of a Chapter, the Chapter Lead is tasked with developing the skills of all Chapter members and has line management responsibilities. You are expected to help stimulate innovation within the teams and to ensure industry trends are being reflected within VodafoneZiggo in close alignment with the Center of Excellence DevOps, Center of Excellence D-CAT, Chapter Testing and Chapter Development. You are also 70% of your time participating within a squad yourself.  

Let it be clear that the Chapter lead takes on a crucial role into the development of the way of working. You are the expert combining development, innovation and safeguarding of your field of expertise and who feeds the Chapter with a clear vision. Whilst doing so, you are not afraid to set high quality standards. 

This is how you do it
So far this role still holds your attention, good. Let’s move on to more in depth details on how to be successful as Chapter Lead Release Management at VodafoneZiggo: 

  • You create an environment for continuous feedback/learning, coaching and mentoring within the Chapter and owns the PD cycle for chapter members;
  • Working with Stakeholders on process alignment and incident management;
  • Leading and developing the abilities and skills of the members of the chapter to increase their productivity in the delivery of value for our customers;
  • Defining processes of interaction, transfer of knowledge and tool sharing amongst the members of the chapter is one of the key responsibilities.
  • Setting up and monitoring continuous integration and continuous release processes in collaboration with the Squads

You’ve got what it takes 
Being Chapter Lead Release Management means taking on a brand new role, that’s almost a challenge on itself.

Must have technical/professional qualifications

  • Minimum of 10 years of professional experience in the area of expertise.
  • 5+ years of leadership experience
  • Knowledge of release processes and quality assurances within a digital environment
  • Technical knowledge of Linux CLI, Docker, Jenkins, Groovy, SonarQube, Nexus, Kubernetes

Core competencies, knowledge and experience

Our ideal candidate:

  • Agile: Understands agile methodologies (e.g. Kanban, Lean, Scrum, Design Thinking) and can apply Agile ways of working.
  • Facilitation: Can apply a range of techniques to support & facilitate guidance and management of a group of events to ensure that objectives are met effectively, with clear thinking, good participation and full buy-in from everyone involved.
  • Coaching & Mentoring: Creates a professional relationship in order to develop others by using coaching, mentoring, feedback and stretch assignments supporting VodafoneZiggo’s learning culture.
  • Change & Adaptability: Evaluates, leads and adapts to change and shifting demands in different situations.
You deserve it
  • An ambitious employer. We want the best for you and your colleagues
  • A good salary. Flawlessly tailored to your background
  • A super-fast MacBook, iPhone and a first-class public transport card for work and private use.
  • Financial advantages. Consider, for example, a scheme regarding your leave, pension and (other) favourable schemes
  • We offer the (further) growth opportunities. It is up to you to use this
You do it
Are you in? Are you the Chapter Lead Releasemanagement we are looking for? Click on the application button and respond!

Do you have questions? Marcha Crompvoets gives you the answer. Mail .

This vacancy represents our open search for a new VodafoneZiggo colleague.
This is therefore not a call for acquisition.
Marcha Crompvoets

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