Vacature Chapter Lead Development

Locatie: Utrecht
Ervaring: Professional
Vakgebied: Customer Experience & Digital
Dienstverband: Fulltime
Sluitingsdatum: Doorlopend

At VodafoneZiggo the Chapter Lead Development is a tenured functional expert who is responsible for managing the performance and development of the front and backend developers belonging to the Chapter.

This role coordinates knowledge sharing and improves interactions between roles within its own Chapter, similar Chapters within the Tribe and also across Tribes respectively in our offices in Utrecht and Maastricht.

You are owning, leading, and driving the developers sitting across the Squads. As the most senior professional of a Chapter, the Chapter Lead is tasked with developing the skills of all Chapter members and has line management responsibilities. You are expected to help stimulate innovation within the teams and to ensure industry trends are being reflected within VodafoneZiggo.

Let it be clear that the Chapter lead takes on a crucial role into the development of the way of working. You are the expert combining development, innovation and safeguarding of your field of expertise and who feeds the Chapter with a clear vision. Whilst doing so, you are not afraid to set high quality standards. 

The Chapter Development
The +20 individual members of the Chapter work on the high traffic platforms of VodafoneZiggo. The Chapter provides intuitive, well-functioning and user-friendly web pages and apps to an audience of millions every day. This is done within the functional domains of; MyCare, Checkout, Website and App. Together with the other Chapters in our Tribe we create the digital touchpoints of our customers.

Still excited? Please proceed reading to find out more about this role.

This is how you do it
So far this role still holds your attention, good. Let’s move on to more in depth details on how to be successful as a Chapter Lead at VodafoneZiggo: 

  • You create an environment for continuous feedback/learning, coaching and mentoring within the Chapter and owns the PD cycle for chapter members;
  • Prepare your Chapter to be ready for the future. Leading and developing the abilities and skills of the members of the chapter parallel to the VodafoneZiggo Digital roadmap;
  • Close alignment with the Product Owners about their roadmap, provide the multidisciplinary squads with the required development expertise to be successful in their delivery;
  • Collaboration with the Center of Excellences that are responsible for Platform Management, DevOps, UX, CRO & Data-infrastructure for tactical roadmaps & quality assurance;
  • Defining processes of interaction, transfer of knowledge and tool sharing amongst the members of the chapter is one of the key responsibilities.

You’ve got what it takes 
Being a Chapter lead means taking on a brand new role, that’s almost a challenge on itself. Adding up to this and the responsibilities already described; the Chapter lead is overall responsible for the budget within the Chapter and for all experts in the Chapter directly reporting to you hierarchically, this also includes managing our existing and future pool of external specialists.   

Must have technical/professional qualifications

  • Minimum of 10 years of professional experience in the area of expertise.
  • 5+ years of (servant) leadership experience over groups larger than 20 people.

Our ideal candidate:

  • Agile: Understands agile methodologies (e.g. Kanban, Lean, Scrum, Design Thinking) and can apply Agile ways of working.
  • Facilitation: Can apply a range of techniques to support & facilitate guidance and management of a group of events to ensure that objectives are met effectively, with clear thinking, good participation and full buy-in from everyone involved.
  • Coaching & Mentoring: Creates a professional relationship in order to develop others by using coaching, mentoring, feedback and stretch assignments supporting VodafoneZiggo’s learning culture.
  • Change & Adaptability: Evaluates, leads and adapts to change and shifting demands in different situations.
  • Technical: You breathe technique: CI/CD, React, Vue, Java, NodeJS, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins. As the servant leader of your chapter you know what the developers are doing and how they are doing it. With a Chapter of this size it is not necessary to write any code, but you have to understand your Chapter members as best since you will be representing them.

You do it
Are you in?

Any questions? Please contact Marcha Crompvoets via:

This job vacancy is part of our search for a new VodafoneZiggo colleague.
It is NOT to be used for purposes of acquisition.

Marcha Crompvoets

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