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Het verhaal van Rufat

Voormalig Discover Trainee at VodafoneZiggo

Our projects impact millions of customers

Rufat is grown to the function JR Technical Project Manager. This story goes back to the time he was a Discover Trainee.

Rufat is roughly halfway through his Discover traineeship Technology. “All Discover trainees complete three projects, and I’m in the middle of the second one. That’s the one where you’re challenged to step out of your comfort zone. And I did, because this project is in our Customer Services department, but my background is in electrical engineering!”

“In a way, this project is even more fun than the first one. It’s also more of a challenge, because in technology you’re used to working on something that produces concrete results. Which is gratifying – everybody’s happy. But in the customer-facing environment I now work in, the dynamics are different. This department likes to strategize, so it’s more about the long-term view, rather than ‘just’ about quick wins. However, I find that my technology-driven, output-oriented approach adds value. What I also like, is that it’s a high impact project. This project focuses on ‘cable cuts’ that affect customers. So what we try to do, is improve the entire process. Which steps should customers take? How is the customer journey organized? How should we as a company go about solving these issues?

Next gen solutions
“What I find interesting, is that we don’t exclusively work on short term solutions. There is quite a bit of futurology involved. Apart from optimizing existing processes, I try to design next gen solutions that will come into play in, say, five or ten years. How can we solve issues before customers notice there is anything amiss? How can we use Artificial Intelligence to the customers’ advantage? And what can virtual and augmented technology contribute to, for example, the customer journey? By bringing technological insights to the customer services operation, we can come up with solutions that positively influence millions of customer experiences. It’s complex, for sure, because there are many stakeholders, ranging from technicians to senior management. So you have to learn to work with a lot of moving parts.”

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