Het verhaal van Max

Treasury Analyst at VodafoneZiggo

The perfect way to kick-start an adventurous and challenging career

Due to the large scale of operations and the vast network span with millions of customers, the responsibility and impact of VodafoneZiggo as a firm is extremely far-reaching. It is not only about serving a target group of customers – it is about serving the society as a whole. Working as a trainee at VodafoneZiggo, you get a versatile insight in the core of this customer-centric business.

I really like the structure of the traineeship, where you work on projects in different functions. It's the perfect way to kick-start an adventurous and challenging career. It will help you in finding the right job path within the organization as well as help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Every trainee participates in off-site trainings. You get to know your personality profile on a deep level, as well as understanding other personality profiles. These trainings helped me improve my communication skills, discover new ways of working together and become more proactive in my stakeholder management.

Within a few months of my Traineeship, I had the opportunity to present my analysis and findings to both the CFO and CTO, opportunities that most likely would not have been possible outside the traineeship. This really forced me to step up and push myself outside my comfort zone.

Although VodafoneZiggo is a large organization with many layers, the culture and mind set remain flat. I feel encouraged to put forward new ideas and thoughts while the organization supports me in my career development with multiple opportunities across teams and functions. Are you ready for your own kick-start?

Max Ung (1990)
Study: MSc Finance and Strategic Management – Copenhagen Business School

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