Solliciteren bij VodafoneZiggo gaat gewoon door. Uiteraard met een COVID-proof sollicitatieproces.

Het verhaal van Martina

Voormalig Discover trainee at VodafoneZiggo

The language barrier is easy to overcome

Martina is grown to the function CRO & webanalyst. This story goes back to the time she was a Discover Trainee.

“I was studying Marketing at UvA when I attended a presentation by VodafoneZiggo CEO Jeroen Hoencamp. I was inspired, but initially I didn’t seriously consider the traineeship because I had this idea VodafoneZiggo wasn’t internationally oriented. When I looked into the company again later, and learned that, yes, they are a global player. I decided to apply. In my first project, I helped to implement innovative, agile ways of working. A transformational process that required lots of communication and aligning of stakeholders, so it was a great test case for someone who doesn’t speak Dutch…”

Open bunch
“I have not experienced English as a burden. Of course, it requires some extra effort at times, but everyone is willing to take the extra step. Whatever language or cultural barrier there is, it’s small and easy to overcome. About 85+ percent of my colleagues speak English, so it does not take much adjustment. I was recently speaking with another trainee and we both concluded we would not want to trade our position here for any other traineeship. Even though I am international, I have always felt welcome and if you have a positive attitude, you can get far. Sure, sometimes it takes a little more time to get your message across, but people at VodafoneZiggo are an open bunch and more than happy to help you along.”

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