Het verhaal van Maria

Trainee at VodafoneZiggo

VodafoneZiggo really cares about what young people have to say

Having brilliant ideas is great. But being able to communicate them in the right way and to the right people is just as important. That's my main takeaway from my traineeship at VodafoneZiggo so far. Stakeholder management is something you can't learn from the pages of a book at the university. However, bringing an idea to life is an extremely important business skill.

I am currently working on my second project in the Technology department. I am in the Customer Projects team, where all the big projects are delivered to corporate clients by our 25 project managers. My main goal is to set up a project management office, relieving project managers from administrative tasks. My favorite part of the project is the possibility to take responsibility and to interact with different departments.

Even if you are young, the colleagues at VodafoneZiggo really pay attention to your ideas and opinions. People are seen as a key resource for the company, so you are not only a number but a person with unique abilities and needs. I appreciate that every achievement is celebrated with events or nice ideas in all the offices so that you really feel part of a community.

Sports helps me to take a real break from the job. I play squash with friends and I play volleyball when the weather's nice. I also love traveling and I always find time to cook a good Italian dinner for my friends.

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