Het verhaal van Krystsina

CVM Development & Operations Specialist at VodafoneZiggo

There's plenty of room for initiative

When I became a trainee, Vodafone and Ziggo were still two separate organizations, but they were in the process of merging. Quite an interesting time to start as a trainee! Although I didn't know much about Ziggo at that time, I did know a lot about Vodafone. It always came across as a very young spirited company, with many opportunities. And that assumption proved to be accurate.

The appealing business culture creates many possibilities for personal development. There's plenty of room for initiative: if you want to change something and you have a good point, management usually takes time to hear you out and helps you with the first steps.
The beginning of the merger was definitely exciting, with these two big companies coming together. This move had a big impact on the market and the company itself. Traineeship was the place to be, as we could observe changes and participate in many important decisions. For example, I have been working on a proposal how different teams should start working and thinking together on how to combine Vodafone and Ziggo data for analytics and campaigning.

My traineeship had me working at two different departments: Business Intelligence and Mobile Marketing. So I discovered how the core data of the company needs to transform in order to keep going. It's a very complex task to merge data of two companies. But I also witnessed how important Business Intelligence actually is for marketeers. This experience helped me see things in perspective and meet lots of interesting and inspiring people.

Krystsina Soeteman (1991) - former Discover trainee Commercial
Study: Finance and International Business MSc in Aarhus University, Denmark

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