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Play in the big leagues

Play in the big leagues

Open up. Step up. And team up. These are the core values of the VodafoneZiggo culture. While team up may (rightly) evoke images of collaborating with a diversity of colleagues, it can also mean significantly more. “As a leading provider of communication and entertainment services, we are a compelling partner for technology giants such as Microsoft. This means we’re often the first to hear about what’s coming. And we sometimes even have a say in the final product…”

Hello? Vodafone Calling!

Although Skype for Business is still the de facto standard, this is rapidly changing. Johan: “The cloud version of Skype for Business will be phased out in a few years. The new Microsoft Teams, that we will market as Vodafone Calling, is based on a new back-end that offers a range of improvements. To name one, it has direct routing, which lets you connect a customer-managed SBC to Microsoft Phone System. The upshot of this, is PSTN connectivity with Microsoft Teams client: everything becomes connected. Every phone and laptop within the business becomes a digital hub that offers employees access to everything they need to work together. Think of e-mail, OneDrive, chat software and of course phone calls. It’s all integrated in a unified cloud environment!”

Happiness = Complexity2

The fact that VodafoneZiggo is one of the first to market with this solution, is all thanks to the close ties with Microsoft. “We tested this platform extensively before we offered it to our customers as a cloud service. And I used this hands-on experience to formulate input for Microsoft, as did other large stakeholders. We held regular meetings where we voiced what we felt should be changed or improved before the solution was ready to ship. You’re playing in the big leagues, here.” But, as invigorating as it is to collaborate in this context, Johan gets even more energy out of managing implementations for customers. “Being in charge of these projects on behalf of VodafoneZiggo, puts you in the middle of complex and challenging situations. The type of customer we have – often large corporations – means that our solutions must be perfect. For example, with regard to security; you can’t just open a couple of ports! And everything must be realized without down time. We also strive to get the business to adopt our new ways of working. In brief, these are projects with real complexity and impact. And if everything comes together, that's really fulfilling. In the tech domain, I don't think there are many other companies that offer you this kind of opportunity. So if you want to jump in at the deep end, VodafoneZiggo is your kind of company. Which doesn't mean you're left to your own devices – you'll be assigned a buddy to show you the ropes and you can take a wealth of inspiring Microsoft courses. But you'll be managing your own projects in no time, and those projects will make a real difference for businesses with 50 – 50.000 employees!"

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