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"Create your digital future at Digital Services. Ready?"

Ewout Jonker signs his email as Business Analyst - Digital Services, but his role is much broader than this title implies. Obviously, Ewout delves into data, analyzes root causes and comes up with user stories for improving customer journeys. However, that’s ‘just’ one aspect of his job. Ewout: “VodafoneZiggo gives you the freedom to liberally push the envelope of your job profile. So I did.”

“Just recently, Product Ownership of the MijnZiggo portal was formally added to my responsibilities. Also, less formally, I’m the visual designer in charge of the look and feel of MyZiggo. This may seem a bit beyond the number crunching Business Analyst stereotype, but in this case, the combination simply works. It was an obvious choice, because if you’re going to improve anything from a customers’ point of view, you need to answer the 5 W’s: why, when, what, where, who and how. How you are going to improve is crucial as well.”

The broom of the system

“Always ask yourself whether an element on MijnZiggo is really supporting the customer in fulfilling his task. If not, it becomes obsolete. Getting a broom, cleaning up and reshaping MijnZiggo in order to emphasize what is important and adds value, is part of my daily job. Having a stake in the visual design truly helps; a customer intuitively needs to know what happens next if he clicks any element in MijnZiggo. Design thinking simply becomes indispensable. Crafting an appealing design or worrying if an icon meets design standards, is out of scope though. I leave that to the specialists.”

Minor becomes major

Ewout’s main focus is on the logical design of the MijnZiggo customer environment. “I look for anything and everything that might frustrate customers and then fix it. Those fixes are usually minor – a different flow here, a different button there – but when you add everything up, the impact is huge. One of our metrics is the web-to-call ratio. How many customers call us after visiting MijnZiggo? The lower the ratio, the better, because if a customer needs to call us, MijnZiggo failed to deliver. The changes I submitted this year – about eighty of which are already live – have resulted in nearly 20% less calls. That’s great news for our customers.”

Relevance and personalization

Efforts to improve the site are guided by business observations, quantitative data analyses and qualitative customer feedback. Ewout: “What went wrong? How often? Why did it happen? We strive to be as relevant as possible. Next to our focus on relevance, we aim to improve our personalization. There are so many opportunities to offer customers personalized and relevant content. If we know that a customer purchases pay-per-view for soccer, and there’s an Ajax-PSV game coming up, we could offer pay-per-view service for that game when they next log in. And we can improve relevance in so many tiny ways that improve the customer journey. For example, by streamlining the path to view recent invoice information. This used to be a labyrinth. Now it’s one click. Relevance is truly key. Customers don’t want to search for information, theyat want to find it.”

Create your own job profile

Ewout is a fan of solving problems in short Scrum sprints and getting changes to production quickly. “We choose to work with minimal viable products. A solution can, but needn’t be perfect in one go. So, we make rapid progress, evaluate the results, and improve on new situations where necessary. I love that! I also enjoy the freedom VodafoneZiggo gives you to try new things. Here, it’s all about ‘let’s find a challenge that suits your strengths’. We’re a huge organization, so there’s incredible scope to – if you feel like it – contribute to projects outside of your comfort zone.”

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