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Vacancy detail BI Architect

Location: Utrecht
Experience: Professional
Job field: Analytics & Intelligence
Employement: Fulltime
Expiration date: Ongoing
Base salary: €4.445 - €6.350

“VodafoneZiggo is evolving into a data-driven organization.” Sound too hyperbolic, or you already heard too many other companies say the same thing? We understand. It is, however, absolutely, positively and (pinky promise) demonstrably true. With an internal business intelligence community of over 140 heartbeats (clocking in at a healthy 100 BPM each), and an extended population of another 100 BI specialists, we DO walk the data talk.

Integrating a tsunami of streaming customer behavior and torrents of network and content data from two large corporate entities? On it. Predictive algorithms? In place. But how should we shape our BI ecosystem to engage and facilitate millions of customers? To answer that question, our BI community is looking for an experienced Architect with a pioneering spirit, solid conceptual skills and enough countervailing power to challenge the unchallengeable.

Enjoy the challenge

  • Define the target architecture, including guidelines and standards, to maximize the performance, stability, scalability and safety of (y)our extensive BI/AA ecosystem
  • Chair the BI Architecture Board and ensure solution designs and data models adhere to the architectural principles you envision and expound
  • Advise a broad range of stakeholders – all the way up to the Board – on architectural topics. E.g. by preparing and presenting decision papers that strike the right balance between ‘dreaming big’ and ‘acting pragmatically’
  • Ensure that data privacy, data quality and data governance principles are firmly embedded in our way of working and supported with the right tooling
  • Work closely with IT Architects to align the BI and Advanced Analytics ecosystem with other tech domains: make sure that every island is ‘a piece of the continent, a part of the main’
  • Co-create the IT roadmap with IT Architects, specifically for your domain
  • Keep close tabs on emerging BI and advanced analytics insights, tech, and trends, so you can spot and capitalize on opportunities to solve business challenges 
  • Advise on retiring systems/tooling/platforms/programs: which legacy systems should be sent home with a generous pension and an engraved gold watch? ;-)

This is what you’ll do
As BI Architect you’re perhaps not a Che Guevara, spearheading the data-driven revolution, but you are certainly its main enabler. If it weren’t so anachronistic, we’d give you a Cuban cigar. After all, no matter which leading-edge BI tooling we deploy, without a high-performant, secure and scalable architecture, those high-flying initiatives would have nowhere to touch down. So yes, we embrace the idea that architectural investments are key, which means this role comes with a solid mandate and a generous helping of ownership.

It’s up to you to conceptualize and promote the grand architectural vision that facilitates and accelerates our BI and advanced analytics success. A fluid challenge, considering our merger, and that we are still transitioning to a single tech stack and unified way of working. Moreover, we have some important data warehousing decisions on the horizon, and we have our eyes set firmly on the cloud. But should that be Amazon? And, if, so, would Snowflakes’ robust JSON support and web scaling capability best facilitate our growth ambition? Or should we opt for Redshift’s enterprise-level oriented approach and internal machine learning engine? As BI Architect, you approach these (and many other) questions from all angles – including the business perspective! – and advise stakeholders on a future-proof course of action.

Speaking of stakeholders: these include senior members of the BI and advanced analytics community, as well as colleague architects in the IT domain. Aligning visions and architectural principles is key. Additionally, you counsel the BI management team; driven colleagues with strong opinions, so countervailing power is a real asset. Oh, and did we mention that your department is ‘going Agile’ while all this is taking place? In short, as BI Architect you sign off on the highways and byways of our architectural landscape, and create a Business Intelligence ecosystem that fulfills the businesses’ appetite for actionable insights as efficiently, scalably and sustainably as possible.

Team up
Together with 200+ colleagues you make up VodafoneZiggo’s BI Competence Center Utrecht will be your home base.
This is where you will feel at home. What makes the setting so special?

  • An office that reflects VodafoneZiggo’s identity: digital!
  • An app that points you to an available workspace. Want to know how noisy and/or warm that area is? The app’s got you covered!
  • Your new colleague Irene, who is the queen of memes, and always happy to share
  • Central Office is as dynamic as our networks; prepare to get energized!
  • Great coffee at our coffee bars – our baristas are always happy to serve
  • Good food: enjoy tasty, chef-prepared dishes in our restaurant, Club Connect
  • An after-lunch game of FIFA or Pacman? Or a race in our F1 simulator? Fun is
  • In this pandemic situation, VodafoneZiggo reinsures that it will facilitate working from home in the best possible way.

VodafoneZiggo connects millions of people and organizations. This is how we create value. For individuals. And for society as a whole. From our technicians and customer support professionals, to all of our office staff; our 8.000+ colleagues are eager to drive that positive change. To do so, we share three values: Open Up, Team Up and Step Up. These represent thinking positively, listening to and learning from each other, with a focus on collaboration, plus a penchant for thinking and acting out of the box. That calls for people who dare to transcend their comfort zone and face challenges with a welcoming smile. Is that you? Let’s meet up!

Do it your way
And become an entrepreneur. All roads are open as BI Architect at VodafoneZiggo. Over 200+ BI and advanced analytics specialists are eager to learn how your architectural choices can help them exceed business and customer expectations. To maximize your impact, you need to bring a mix of conceptual, influencing and presentation skills to the table. After all, you need to get your vision across, and that often requires PowerPointing the way to ‘victory’. We’ll roll out the red carpet for an Architect who knows the ins and outs of our sector, but we’re also open to candidates with an e-commerce background (you may teach us some new tricks!) and consultants looking for a career change...

Got what it takes?

  • A Masters in Computer Science, Information Science, or equivalent
  • 8+ years of relevant experience, e.g. as Domain or Solution Architect in (a) corporate environment(s)
  • You consider BI Architectures your home away from home and are up to speed on the latest BI tooling and techniques. TOGAF certification? Huge plus. 
  • You master the art of abstract/conceptual thinking but are perfectly willing and able to ‘descend’ from the abstract realm and approach topics from a business perspective
  • You have strong presentation skills and can communicate with technical experts, management teams and internal customers alike
  • You are an agile stakeholder manager with a proven ability to create commitment and traction for your plans and ideas
  • You don’t strongarm people into submission ;-) but you don’t crack under a bit of pressure either: you own, promote and - if called for - defend your architectural vision

Did you check all the boxes, but do personal circumstances require something extra, such as flexible working hours or workplace adaptations? We can accommodate that!

Enjoy the benefits
Based on a 40-hour working week at VodafoneZiggo, you can count on:

  • A gross salary between €4.445 and €6.350 per month, plenty of growth potential and an attractive bonus plan to boot
  • 20 days of paid leave
  • A monthly Benefit Budget of 14.95% of your gross salary. To use as you see fit! Put money aside for an adventurous (or super leisurely) holiday? Save up for a sabbatical? Take a few extra days off? Or simply spend the extra cash on whatever you fancy? It is up to you!
  • Unlimited Learning! The VodafoneZiggo menu has thousands of educational choices – an all you can learn experience!
  • A voucher for a smartphone, and a Vodafone subscription to go with it. And yes, you can use it for personal calls as well.
  • Discounts on Vodafone and Ziggo products and services
  • A worry-free pension plan that also allows you to save extra
  • An NS-Business Card tailored to your personal travel habits. Including a 1st class option, that you can even use for personal trips /
  • A mobility budget of  € 800,- gross per month, to use as you see fit
  • Flexibility: work where and when you perform your best
  • We value social impact. You can participate in social initiatives during work hours and increase your positive contribution. An example? By joining our Online Masters program, you can teach children how to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly.
  • Substantial discounts on health insurance, sports memberships, day care and (much) more

Let’s connect
Apply for the position of job title. Questions? Call or app Sanne van der Meer at 0621605550 or mail to You’ll have all the answers soon!

  • We will let you know if we’d like to meet*
  • Are we both positive about that first talk? Then we’ll invite you to our online TalentPitch, for a Culture Fit and a Braingame exercise. To speed up the process, we also schedule a second or third meet-up straightaway!
  • Are all systems go? Then we’ll make you a job offer
  • A pre-employment screening is part of the hiring process

* To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, our first meeting is online. Check this page to learn about our full range of measures and procedures.

Sanne van der Meer

Recruiter Analytics & Intelligence


Senior Data Analyst hollandsnieuwe

Location: Utrecht Job field: Analytics & Intelligence

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