Applying at VodafoneZiggo continues as usual. Of course with a COVID-proof application process.

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The face of VodafoneZiggo

We are an enthusiastic team that’s always ready to address the influx of customer questions, wishes and problems. In the process, we sign up 450,000 new customers every year, making us the largest telecom retailer in the Netherlands. Our goal is to give every customer that walks in the door the absolute best advice and service, so that he or she leaves the shop feeling good. Because that makes us feel good.

Growing as an ambassador

Every customer is different, as is every day on the job. You’ll sell a range of mobile and landline services, advise customers and provide technical support for our entire catalog of products and services. The only constant is the continuous training and coaching you’ll receive to keep growing in your role as VodafoneZiggo ambassador. Whether you’re an (assistant) sales person, a smartphone crew employee, a business specialist or a shop manager; you’ll always be part of an enthusiastic team that wants to boost the success of VodafoneZiggo. Success that we regularly celebrate together, for example with our sales challenge.

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