Applying at VodafoneZiggo continues as usual. Of course with a COVID-proof application process.

What we offer

VodafoneZiggo gives you its confidence and offers you freedom and a world of opportunities. We recognize talent, reward results and stimulate development.

Keep growing

Bigger isn’t always better, but in our case, it is. At VodafoneZiggo we want to let more people experience the joy of open and unencumbered communication. We expect our employees to keep growing, too, and we offer an extensive array of training sessions, courses, workshops and e-learning modules to boost your professional and personal development.

You deserve it

  • an ambitious employer. We want the best for you and your colleagues
  • a good salary. Perfectly attuned to your background
  • financial benefits. Think of arrangements regarding leaves of absence, retirement and (other) financially beneficial provisions
  • growth potential. We offer ample growth opportunities. It’s up to you to seize them


Many VodafoneZiggo colleagues like to get together outside of work. For example, to do sports together, or perform volunteer work, or promote our brand and build their networks. Our attitude is that there are no obligations and almost anything goes. Every employee is free to set up new communities to organize activities and events.

By now there are communities for Young VodafoneZiggo and VodafoneZiggo Sports, as well as our support for the annual Gay Pride. VodafoneZiggo stimulates these initiatives because they enhance our commitment and connection to each other and our company. Which, in turn, contributes to VodafoneZiggo being A Great Place To Work.

We care

However passionate you are about your work, there will always be moments when the sense of urgency wanes. We understand this at VodafoneZiggo. This is why we conduct an annual employee satisfaction survey, so that we can continuously improve the work situation for our colleagues.

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