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Making a difference
for society

As a large technology company, our infrastructure plays a significant role in Dutch society. We want to extend our positive impact and simultaneously reduce any negative effects. We accomplish this by striving to increase our social value.

Our social mission

VodafoneZiggo is all about technology. At the same time, we realize that technology is peripheral to the lives of our customers. It may be an important part of the periphery, but still…

Technology makes things possible and adds value to people’s lives, to their work, and to society. We keep people in contact with each other - wherever, whenever, and with whomever they want. Borders are erased and the far reaches of the world are accessible to all. The possibilities are vast, and we are a part of that. It is important to VodafoneZiggo that everyone can partake in this digital society. In an accessible and responsible way. We hope to use our technology to improve the lives of all of our stakeholders.


We differentiate three programs in our social mission:

  • Digital life
  • Opportunities for children
  • Doing smart business

We have also organized our business in a way that is conducive to ethical and responsible entrepreneurship.

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Digital life

VodafoneZiggo wants the online world and the real world to merge effortlessly. So that everyone has a positive life rhythm. We also wish everyone a life filled with rich experiences, and valuable contacts and encounters. We want to stimulate people to keep developing, so that they feel at ease in the digital society.

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Opportunities for children

VodafoneZiggo wants to prevent vulnerable segments of society from becoming disenfranchised. Here, we primarily focus on children and disadvantaged adolescents. Our aim is to give everybody a solid foundation to fully participate in the digital society, which helps to reduce inequality in the Netherlands.

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Doing smart business

Our products for the business market are designed to have a positive impact on society and the economy. They help to reduce environmental pollution, and increase productivity, safety and efficiency.

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