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The story of Rahul

Former Discover Trainee at VodafoneZiggo

The energy at VodafoneZiggo is infectious

Rahul is grown to the function Project Manager Digital Transformation. This story goes back to the time he was a Discover Trainee.

VodafoneZiggo helps many people get in touch and stay online. I love being part of a company which has such a positive influence on the lives of millions of customers. Also, I think it's a great learning experience to witness a merger from up close. Those two reasons made me choose for this traineeship. And I'm glad I did.

Being an international person myself, having lived in 5 countries on 3 different continents in my life, I have a deep understanding for the value of connectivity and global reach. I use internet and cellular services to stay in touch with friends and family, watch TV, order goods, send birthday presents, listen to music and so on. I thought it would be an incredible opportunity to work in a company that enables these actions for millions, laying a foundation for activities everybody does daily.

After visiting the office for the discover day, I was impressed with the working culture and the environment of the office. There was a positive energy, the recruiters and organizers were inviting, and so was anyone else. It felt like the firm was not extremely top down, and allowed for individuals to express their opinions and have them be considered regardless of their position. Through interactions with the trainees guiding us and the employees interviewing us, it became clear that this characteristic was very much part of the company's DNA.

This traineeship helps me make the transition from a student to a professional. Seasoned line managers give me tons of advice on my approach, my actions and my results. Their questions and suggestions result in thought provoking insights that pave way for further action. Whether you are stuck in the project, unable to win over a stakeholder, or simply having troubles in your personal life, the line managers are there to support you and guide you.

Joining the company together as a group of trainees creates a great support channel. We can converse with one another regarding any topic and get valuable feedback. This does not only limit to professional problems, but acts more like a network of friends.

The energy at VodafoneZiggo is infectious. The speed at which people move, perform their tasks and move towards their goals motivates me to do the same. For example, during my 30 minute meetings with the project manager during the first project, we would together accomplish tasks to expedite the project process. This kind of enabling for the project led to a result that was of greater scope than anticipated, with a more concrete plan to implement.

Rahul Goel (1995)
Study: Electrical Engineering

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