The story of Juan Pablo

Trainee VodafoneZiggo at VodafoneZiggo

Jumping out of my comfort zone never felt this good

VodafoneZiggo has a combination of features that few companies can provide. Firstly, as a leader telecommunications company, VZ faces constant changes related to technology, market and strategy, which makes it a dynamic and challenging environment.

Secondly, VodafoneZiggo is a true international company which is connected to the world. The openness to international employees and the possibility of using English as main language allows non-Dutch people to become part of the team. Combining both advantages creates a unique mix which is very favorable to young professionals.

My traineeship allows me to have a full picture of the company. I'm able to work in 3 different projects for a year, jumping out of comfort zone and taking up the challenge of new tasks that I never expected. Feels good! It helps me understand the complexity of the company and how different areas interact. Being able to learn the responsibilities of other areas allows you to have an integral view of the company and my future position in the company.

I plan to learn about those tasks I may not perform in a future, and to see how we can create synergy between different areas of the company and work in a cross-functional way. I want to create new experiences and have fun developing challenging projects in the industry.

VodafoneZiggo has an inspiring atmosphere. Change is the norm, and colleagues are always being challenged to improve their processes and implement new technologies. The mentality is always looking forward and improving and the culture of the company leads to it. I'm also inspired by the extra activities that the company offers. Besides sharing some drinks with colleagues every Friday after work, sports and corporate responsibility are some of the possible activities you can participate in. VodafoneZiggo does not end after 5!

Juan Pablo Nieto (1988)
Study: Telecommunication Engineering and Policy Analysis

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