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The story of Dravis

Trainee VodafoneZiggo at VodafoneZiggo

Dare to challenge the status quo

I enjoy developing ideas and designing systems that provide better means of connecting people. Therefore, my traineeship at VodafoneZiggo was a perfect fit.

I chose VodafoneZiggo because of the company's unique position. With Ziggo's fixed broadband network and Vodafone's data rich 4G mobile network, I realized that VodafoneZiggo was on its way to delivering greater quality experiences for customers. This new combination sets VodafoneZiggo apart from its main competitors.

My traineeship has been invaluable in helping me improve both my time management and stakeholder management skills. For example, in my first project I was involved in a large scale project that required the collaboration of a number of different business units. As a result, I had to deal with numerous stakeholders and their inputs. I was required to balance my time between meeting them, incorporating others' inputs into my work and at the same time ensuring my work was to the highest of standards.

Being an ambitious individual, I am constantly thinking of ways to bring my fresh perspective to the business and I'm always looking for opportunities to learn. VodafoneZiggo wants you to enthusiastically take on new challenges, to be proactive and curious. There is no hierarchal feel to the organization. If you wish to be more involved and to take on more responsibilities, your manager will ensure that you get your opportunity to excel. For example, in my first project, although I worked in the technology department, I was given the opportunity to expand my horizon by providing support to other departments such as B2B, B2C and Digital. With VodafoneZiggo your opportunities are limitless!

Dravis Haman (1992)
Study: MSc Communication Engineering, University of Manchester

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