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Trainee VodafoneZiggo at VodafoneZiggo

My traineeship is a priceless experience

As an economics student, I have always studied the market and the theory behind it, but, I wanted to actually experience it. What better way to do this than to join a great company that just underwent a huge merger and that is part of one of the most dynamic markets on Earth? Telcos are companies in constant need of change, optimization and innovation, so it seemed like the perfect challenge.

During the traineeship I can rotate among different business units throughout the company and acquire more in depth knowledge about the industry. During the introduction we already visited many different departments like the call centers, retail shops and data centers, but the projects go much further. My first project was in B2B where it was my job to find out what the future of Internet of Things (IOT) could look like within the company. My second project has just started, where I have to improve the quality assurance processes for IT.

Mainly, I would like to learn as much as possible so I can find the right role for me afterwards. This is a priceless experience since most people do not get to jump around in different parts of the company and get to know them well enough, so it will become a true asset later. In addition, I get to talk and have coffee with many people with truly fascinating jobs and pick their brains on the why's and the how's.

The company has been very welcoming and all coworkers are willing to help me get integrated into the teams. Being a 'discover trainee' has many advantages since everyone wants to talk to you and help you with your projects, but they are also very patient since you are pretty new to the company. I also love the flexibility you have, I have been working in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Maastricht. All you need is your laptop and you can work from anywhere you want!

Anna Gonzalez (1992)
Study: MSc International Economics at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

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