Applying at VodafoneZiggo continues as usual. Of course with a COVID-proof application process.

How we work

At VodafoneZiggo we believe in our people and the way we collaborate. This is the basis of our success and it creates an amazing work environment.

Our values

Plain and simple, our values.

  • Open up
    The beautiful part is: the more you open up, the more you learn.
  • Team up
    The fun part is: the more we work together, the more we accomplish together.
  • Step up
    The good part is: the more we accomplish, the more our customers appreciate us.

Super important, because these values are about our culture. What we represent as a company. How we accomplish our strategy. And how we interact with each other and our customers. Our values guide our decisions and actions. Both within the company and externally.

Mobile working

Our centrally located offices in Amsterdam, Maastricht, Eindhoven and Utrecht are inspiring open office environments. Whether you sit down at one of the hot desks, share a project table, or use one of the conference rooms, everything in the building is conducive to collaborating and sharing ideas. We believe that you are at your most creative and productive when you can work the way you want. That can include outside of office hours, at home or in the train. So, every job comes with a smartphone, a laptop with broadband and a travel allowance.


Just as every one of our millions of customers are different, so too are all our employees. At VodafoneZiggo we embrace these differences and value your personal story. Diverse backgrounds and perspectives lead to richer ideas, new services and better results. We cherish that no two of our employees are the same and we treat everybody with equal respect. Read more about our stance on diversity.

Mobiles for good

Mobile technology enhances the connectedness of communities, which can help to solve social problems. With this in mind, we at VodafoneZiggo launched the Mobiles for Good Challenge. This program focuses on supporting social startups that have ideas for innovative products or services (apps, games, mobile friendly websites) that address social issues.

VodafoneZiggo Code of Conduct

In our great and relatively young company, we work together with many thousands of people, for millions of customers. It is therefore essential to know how we want to work, communicate and do business together. To this end, we have agreed on rules of conduct and have collected them in a code of conduct.

This code closely matches the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we consider important internally: Open Up, Team Up and Step Up.

The code of conduct is not only intended to guide the behavior within the organization. It is also helps us to maintain the trust of our customers, shareholders and suppliers - and of our potential colleagues. It describes the role we see for ourselves in society as well.

Flip through our code of conduct and discover for yourself how we bring our VodafoneZiggo 'purpose' - fun and progress with every connection - to life, millions of times a day. And more importantly: whether this also appeals to you to come and work with us.

Click here for our VodafoneZiggo code of conduct.

In addition, a Pre Employment Screening by screening agency Validata is part of the application process.

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