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Making a difference
by not differentiating

Just as every one of our millions of customers are different, so too are all our employees. At VodafoneZiggo we embrace these differences and value your personal story.

Diverse backgrounds and perspectives lead to richer ideas, new services and better results. We cherish that no two of our employees are the same and we treat everybody with equal respect.

Diversity encompasses more than gender, and we are also sensitive to differences in background, experience and other factors. And our respect is not lip service or confined to management. Our employees are also in the vanguard to when it comes to respecting and celebrating the diversity within our organization. For example, we have participated in recent editions of the Gay Pride thanks to the initiative of several of our employees. This year we’ll also be at EuroPride.

And of course, we do also strive for equal career opportunities for women. This includes our support for HeForShe, an organization dedicated to this ambition. Worldwide, thousands of people have signed their support on behalf of Vodafone. We aim to have at least 30% female managers by 2020. By 2025 we hope to be the best employer for females. Worldwide.

Our path toward realizing this ambition includes making it easier for women to combine a successful career with a healthy family life. We offer women who work for us full-time the opportunity to work 30 hours per week for six months after child birth, at full pay. This frees up time for family without jeopardizing the career side of the equation.

At the end of the day, we want everybody to feel at home at VodafoneZiggo.

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